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Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus - Helping Individuals to Survive and Live Healthy, Quality Lives (SM)

​​​About Myself

My name is Scott Anderson; I am the Founder of Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus.  Due to a disability, my ability to engage in mainstream work is limited; however, I am able to create and contribute to this website, as my health allows.

There are two important reasons that are behind my starting and caring for Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus; the first is that I believe it is important to be a part of, and contribute to, one's community.

The second is that I hope my own efforts and achievements will inspire other individuals with disabilities to strive to accomplish more than they have thought they could do, as well as break stereotypes about what individuals with disabilities can accomplish.

About Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus (KCRN)

​Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus is a social service information organization, registered in Kalamazoo County, MI; it does not seek nor desire to make money, merely to help others.  Its main goal is to connect individuals with resources so they may improve their lives. 

​Since its founding in 2012, KCRN has been fortunate enough to be able to help the community and be recognized for what it can contribute:

In 2013,  the Kalamazoo County Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council (KCAN) included Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus as another source to consider for resources in the Additional Information section of its Family Help Book (page 62).

​In mid-2014, KCRN worked with Coordinator Mark Lull of Allegan County Transportation Services, County Administrator Dan Wedge, and Richard Congdon of Kalamazoo Metro Transit to create the option for individuals in Kalamazoo County to utilize Allegan County's shuttle service, allowing for a wider range of travel for those without steady transportation.  

In early 2015, Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus worked with Ann Bonevich of 
NAMI Kalamazoo, the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office, and several other individuals to correct some terms on the Sheriff's Office's Project Lifesaver page; the words and phrases removed are considered slurs in today's culture.

Since 2015, Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus has sponsored
OutFront Kalamazoo's (formerly the Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center, KGLRC) yearly June Pride festival.

In May of 2016, KCRN Founder Scott Anderson, along with other local residents and representatives, spoke to the City of Portage Human Services Board, advocating that the Portage Non-Discrimination Ordinance  be changed to include individuals who are discriminated against due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.  The ordinance was passed by the Portage City Council on June 28th, 2016.