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While activities such as hunting and fishing, either for dietary, spiritual, or other reasons may not be acceptable to an individual, it is an option that can free finances for other matters if one shops for supplies well and is sucessful outdoors.

Regarding the various rules and regulations listed on this page, I wish to state that I am not a professional in the field of law.

Data on the safe handling of various tools presented on this page can be found in the Safety Section of the Education Page.

For information on trained hunting animals, including falcons, please see the Service Animals and Pets Page.


1) Archery

2) Areas for Hunting, Fishing, and Practice

3) Game Processing

4) Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Laws

5) Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Supplies

6) Hunting Firearms

1) Archery     (Top)

Bow and Spear Fishing Seasons (DNR)

Everything Crossbow (DNR)

2) Areas for Hunting, Fishing, and Practice     (Top)

Freedom Firearms - this store includes a testing range where individuals can rent and practice with certain firearms; as it is located with Battle Creek, it can be reached via public transportation from Kalamazo County (please see the Transportation Page).

Gourdneck State Game Area (DNR)

Inland Lake Maps by County (DNR)

Kalamazoo Rod and Gun Club - a private club with yearly membership drawings; the ranges for archer and firearms are up a steep road, and could be difficult or not possible to reach for those with difficulties walking or who use mobility assistance devices.

Southern Michigan Gun Club - while the main range is located just outside Kalamazoo County (by one street), the indoor shooting range (usually only open during the winter) is located in Kalamazoo; however, it can be reached by public transportation (please see the Transportation Page).  The organization accepts memberships year-round.

State/Wildlife Game Areas (DNR)

Where to Fish (DNR)

3) Game Processing     (Top)

Barrett's Smokehouse


Buck Knives


Cold Steel


Galesburg Meat Company




4) Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Laws     (Top)

Along with those that can be found with the resources below, there may be additional firearm regulations, in general or specific to your area, that must also be adhered to.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) - this is the government organization that oversees federal firearm statutes.

Concealed Pistol License Regulations - even accidentally covering a firearm while hunting can constitute a violation of state law.

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - this department is charged with activities related to caring for Michigan's environment; permits involving fishing, hunting, and similar activities fall within its purview.

Firearm & Bow Regulations - General State Laws (DNR)

Firearm Laws of Michigan - in addition to federal firearm laws, Michigan has regulations of its own which must be adhered to as well; requires Adobe Reader to view.

Fishing (DNR)

Hunter Education (DNR) - mandatory if born after 1959.

Hunting and Trapping (DNR)

Information for Hunters with Disabilities and Permits (DNR)

MCL 750.222 - Firearm-Related Definitions (Michigan Legislature)

Michigan State Police Legal Update No. 86 - information pertaining to the open carry of firearms; requires Adobe Reader to view.

National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) (FBI) - a system used to evaluate individuals seeking to purchase a firearm.

Pistol License Regulations

5) Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Supplies     (Top)

Safety gear can be found under the Protective Equipment Section on the Career Page.

Allen - a maker of various hunting supplies, including transportation cases.

Bullets and Barrels

D&R Sports Center

Dick's Sporting Goods - in addition to such items as hunting and fishing gear, this store has an indoor archery range for testing bows.

Dunham's Sports

Gander Mountain

GunVault - manufactures small handgun safes, including ones utilizing fingerprint scanners for access.

High Caliber Firearms - is one of only two locations I know of in Kalamazoo County (the other being On Target Guns and Gunsmithing) which provides gunsmithing.

Master Lock - carries several types of firearm locks.

MC Sports

Omega Safety Systems, Inc. - sells a notably difficult-to-defeat firearm lock.

On Target Guns and Gunsmithing - of note is that, along with High Caliber Firearms, this is the only other store I know of in Kalamazoo County with a dedicted gunsmithing facility.

Poly-Choke - manufacturers an adjustable choke that allows a shotgun to alter its pattern quickly, as opposed to taking the time to remove and insert different chokes.

Project ChildSafe - provides a free firearm safety kit, which includes a gun lock.

ZCORR Products - sells firearm storage bags containing a corrosion-impeding inner layer for long-term storage.

6) Hunting Firearms     (Top)

These manufacturers have been selected with consideration to quality, ease of use (for both left- and right-handed individuals), and price.  Of note is that items can be $100 less than the suggested retail prices on the websites, however, this cannot be guaranteed. 

Used firearms are also an option that can save money, although I suggest research and having them examined by a gunsmith before use.  Regardless, quality firearms, even if entry level or an excellent value, with virtually always have a cost of at least several hundred dollars.

However, there are many more firerarm manufacturers in edistence, and should one choose to take an interest, it is advisable one look at numerous models and various calibers and, if possible, try shooting (with different types of ammunition) the before making a purchase.

Ultimately, one should select what works with them insofar as the task it will be used for, regardless of caliber, fireram dimensions, model, manufacturer, age, gender, size, disability, or many other factors; however, the safety and soundness of both the firearm and how it is handled is paramount.

In addition, safety gear can be found under the Protective Equipment Section on the Career Page.

H&R 1871 - among other items, produces affordable single-shot shotguns and rifles.

Mossberg - a well-known firearm manufacturer; if affordable, one of its combination shotgun sets (which come with two types of barrels, each designed for different tasks) can allow one a wider range of hunting options for less than if the second barrel was purchased separately.  Of note is that many of its shotguns have an ambidextrous safety.

Savage Arms - produces left- and right-hand versions of their Mark II series .22 LR bolt-action rifle and 220 Slug Gun (a rifled shotgun).

Stoeger - manufactures side-by-side and over-and-under shotguns, both of which are available with ambidextrous safeties.

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