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Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus Privacy Policy

May 17th, 2017
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Information received by Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus will be applied, as best as I am able, in the word and spirit of its motto:

 “Helping Individuals to Survive and Live Health, Quality Lives (SM)”

Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus, and no other organization, website, or party reached through it.

Should any changes to this policy occur (beyond non-impacting alterations, such as spelling, spacing, or font modifications), a notice will be posted on each page of KCRN’s website for one week.  The publishing date and version number will also be changed accordingly.

In addition, Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus is not a part of, funded by, or similarly affiliated with Kalamazoo County, Michigan, or any other government body therein.  It is a privately operated organization.


Working with online organizations, particularly those one is not acquainted with, can result in a certain degree of understandable wariness - whether the organization is real, can be trusted, and what sort of data it collects (as well as what is done with the information), for example.  Hopefully, the contents of this page will help to remedy concerns one may have. 

To commence with, Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus has been registered with the Kalamazoo County Clerk's Office​​​; to see the online records, please click 

Second, KCRN has had its credentials vetted by an outside third party, Starfield Technologies; clicking on the blue and grey emblem below will provide more details regarding this matter.  This emblem is present on the right side of each page on the website.



The operation of this website does provide me with certain information both from cookies and having information submitted via the contact form. This, in turn, can create personal risks:

Phishing (Federal Trade Commission)

Why am I getting junk mail in iCloud? (Apple)

​I am not seeking to intrude on one’s privacy, nor do I wish to take advantage of any information I obtain; below please find clarification regarding how data obtained while visiting the KCRN website is used, as well as how one can reduce the amount of information I receive. 

Before continuing, I wish to note that any document on the 
Resources page can be printed out or downloaded (to a computer or flash drive), including the KCRN Compilation, which contains all of the documents (though it may not be completely up-to-date); this allows one to work with the material without the website.


KCRN uses cookies to collect non-identifying information that can be used for such things as making the website more compatible with different browsers, improving the website layout, keeping track of the number of visitors, and when the website has the most traffic.

What are browser cookies? (Symantec)

KCRN’s cookies do not collect personally identifying information, such as who is accessing the website, their birthday, the driver's license number of the visitor, or their Social Security Number.

While cookies are not required to use KCRN itself, the websites provided may not function as intended without them; this is determined by the destination website.

To disable cookies, please select your browser below for instructions or, if not present, consult the Help Page/FAQ Section of its website.

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Contact Form

Regarding the contact form on the Contact page, information submitted is protected by encryption in order to prevent unauthorized individuals from viewing the messages sent. However, I recommend only sending general information.

Avoiding Identity Theft (Federal Trade Commission)

Identity Theft (

Use of the contact form is not required to obtain assistance from Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus.  In order for a message to be sent, however, a name, e-mail address, subject, and message must be provided; this data will be sent to KCRN's e-mail address.

In addition, Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus does not having a mailing list at this time; making contact by e-mail will not result in receiving mass-mailings from KCRN.


When Information Will Be Released

Information obtained by Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus will not be sold, leased to, or traded with outside parties.  However, said data may be released to:

1)  Comply with applicable law, protect the health of an individual or individuals, or to prevent a crime;

 2)  Work with individuals, organizations, or other third parties to improve KCRN's website and/or overall operations.  Personal information (such as names and e-mail addresses) will be secured as practically and thoroughly as possible;

3) Be applied to protect the safety and well-being of myself and/or Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus.

4) No protection will be afforded to spam, advertisements, and harassing/similarly undesirable material.

In addition, please note that, although this website provides information related to the medical field, this Privacy Policy is not the same as the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA), or any other government confidentiality agreement. 

Due to the abilities and skill levels of some computer users, as well as unforeseeable events, please mind that I cannot absolutely, beyond a doubt, guarantee security of the information I receive.


Finally, even with everything I have listed, ultimately, you are choosing to trust me by using this website; thank-you for that trust.​​

Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus - Helping Individuals to Survive and Live Healthy, Quality Lives (SM)