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The resources below can be printed, accessed online, or downloaded for later use (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is needed to access them; the program is free, but may already be on your computer).  The "Quick List" document is a short list of key resources, while the "KCRN Compilation" document is highly comprehensive.

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​​​​Quick List (pdf)

​Service Animals (pdf)

Transportation (pdf)

U.S. Military (pdf)

KCRN Compilation (pdf)

Edition 1

Addiction (pdf)

Benefits (pdf)

Careers (pdf)

Citizenship (pdf)

Computers (pdf)​

​Education (pdf)

Family (pdf)

​Finances (pdf)

Food (pdf)

Health (pdf)

Housing (pdf)

Legal (pdf)

Leisure (pdf)

LGBTQ (pdf)

Medical (pdf)

​Psychology (pdf)

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